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Multiple Offices, One IT Strategy

Multiple offices with one IT strategy

A business needs one IT strategy, not one per office.

For many reasons, SMEs could end up with a disjointed IT strategy.

Some Reasons For A Disjointed IT Strategy

a. Acquiring A Business And It's IT Infrastructure

Particularly where a business has grown by acquistion, it is possible to end up with a very complicated and disconnected IT infrastructure with little intentional thought behind it.

b. Cheapest Solution Each Time There Is A Need

Businesses that have grown quickly may have done so by severely restricting outgoing cashflow. Whatever is the cheapest solution each time there is a requirement is likely to end up being an expensive solution over the life of the infrastructure.

c. Suppliers Wedded To Their Solution

Finally, SME's can end up with a disjointed IT strategy because their existing IT supplier offers a narrow range of solutions, limiting the options available. Typically any time an IT supplier offers a multiple office business a local office IT infrastructure rather than a Cloud solution, there is a possibility they have sold a solution they prefer rather than one that is in your best interest.

Multiple Offices, One IT Infrastructure

Typically a business has a fixed range of software they require across their various locations.

The Cloudsourced.IT solution will work with the business owners and managers to define the IT strategy and then roll that out across the business. Whether the business is spread across office in the UK or across the world.

With a long track record in building stable, secure and scalable IT infrastructure, Cloudsourced.IT can provide a very wide range of Cloud and local IT options which together best suit the needs of the business.

With one, three and five year contracts, the Cloudsourced.IT team will work with business to ensure that the IT continues to support the needs to the business throughout the period. All at around 25% less than your current total IT costs.

Managed IT & Cloud hosting services from Cloudsourced IT Find out more!