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Use A Mac Or iPad for Business With Hosting

Use windows software on a Mac or iPad with hosting

Use the business software you need on the device you prefer.

Business software and data on any device.

The full software version your business relies on - now in the Cloud. If business policy and process has been built around your software capabilities, changing just to benefit from the Cloud can have a very significant cost to the business.

You don't have to install Windows

With Cloudsourced.IT you don't need Windows to have access to the Windows software your business relies on to operate effectively.

Keep your Apple products clear of Windows but benefit from continuing to use the business software you need on your Mac using an Internet browser.

With Cloudsourced.IT you can enjoy all the benefits of great software while enjoying the great experience of Apple products.

Full Software On The iPad

While apps can be a useful way to interact with some of your business data on the go, it tends to offer a subset of the normal functionality.

Cloudsourced.IT makes it possible to access the full version of your business software with your iPad over the Internet. While the screen size may not make it ideal to work on for a long time, having access to all the information will often be very useful in a meeting or during a phone call.

If using an iPad makes sense for your business, can you afford not to be able to access your full version business software wherever you need to work?

Managed IT & Cloud hosting services from Cloudsourced IT Find out more!