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Business Cloud Broadband

Business Cloud Broadband ensures that your Cloud services run as quickly as the underlying BT line will allow

Business broadband for your business Cloud

High quality business broadband is important if you are considering moving into the Cloud. It is pointless having state of the art Cloud IT if it is slow and difficult to access.

Business Cloud Broadband – Our Unique Magic Formula

Our Business Cloud Broadband service works because priority is given to the hosted service.

How Broadband Normally Works

Technology tends to be very well mannered. The requests made first get dealt with before moving onto the next request.

The problem is that all requests are not equally important. Updates for Microsoft or your anti virus, while important are not as important as your Cloud traffic. The same goes for someone listening to the radio over the Internet or viewing Facebook.

Prioritisation In The Data Centre

With hundreds of servers across two sites, the software on our servers is also constantly looking for updates. In addition, our engineers will be using the Internet to work on and maintain our servers and other hosting equipment in the data centres.

Without being effectively dealt with, this could slow down the Cloud service we offer.

How Is Business Cloud Broadband Different?

Our Business Cloud Broadband ensures that Cloud related traffic is prioritised both in the user’s network as well as being prioritised in the data centre.

We cannot make your Internet speed any faster than the underlying BT infrastructure will allow it to be. Using Business Cloud Broadband, the Cloud services you are working on are prioritised so your work is faster.

A Unique Service

This service is only possible because we offer a hosted service AND are registered as an Internet Services Provider (ISP).

How Fast Does The Internet Need To Be?

Even using our Business Cloud Broadband different services need a different type of ideal Internet connection.
For example: A high quality VOIP connection could need up to 100 Kb per user. Our Software as a Service product needs as little as 15Kb per user.

The single most important factor in ensuring a high quality business cloud broadband experience is the quality of the line. If the BT infrastructure carrying the broadband service is ‘dropping packets’ this will counteract the added efficiency of the priorisation.

Business Broadband Options

  • Fibre
  • Leased Lines
  • etc.
Managed IT & Cloud hosting services from Cloudsourced IT Find out more!