Supporting your journey into the Cloud

Key Cloud service elements


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Cloud Desktops run your business software and can be used from anywhere

Users have the same experience as using a Windows desktop computer.


  • Standard and Industry Vertical software runs on your Cloud Desktops
  • A standard managed build reduces maintenance
  • Users have a high quality experience, just like working with a normal PC
  • the Desktop Image allows new desktops to be rolled out very quickly
  • Virtually zero user adoption barrier

Cloudspace Network

Cloud workspace with VPN

A dedicated in-Cloud network connecting your business locations and Cloud services

Resources connected to the network can be accessed by users from any location.


  • Access resources across all your business locations and home offices
  • Print from any location (or your cloud desktops) to any network printer in any location
  • Centralise and control information
  • A single common view of information across the business
  • You can choose to integrate home offices

Fully Managed

Managed and supported in the UK

We own and operate all the infrastructure, we personally respond to your issues

You have a single point of contact for issues, we’re in the UK and reachable by phone.


  • No need to invest in and maintain infrastructure
  • Rolling infrastructure maintenance with zero downtime
  • Fault tolerance designed in for business continuity
  • Administrative tasks can be handled by you if you choose
  • Datacentre infrastructure monitored by us 24/7
  • UK Telephone support

Cloud Telephony

Keeps you talking to customers

Professional cost effective call handling for all users no matter where they are

Works just like a normal phone system, but users can be anywhere or on their mobiles.


  • Keep your own geographic numbers if you choose
  • International numbers available
  • Cost effective calls with great value SIP trunks
  • Flexible call handling with groups, queues, menus, voicemail etc.
  • Use full featured desk phones, soft-phones, divert to mobile and mobile soft client available
  • Full PBX features

How can the Cloud help you?

A choice of Cloud Services

Application Hosting - Online50
SingLe Application (kiosk) Operation

The Online50 service is aimed at providing users with access to a single application at a time, like working with an App.  Users can have access to multiple applications and switch between them as needed.  Originally developed in 2001 Online50 service has helped thousands of businesses since it's launch in 2001.

Ideal For: those just starting out with the cloud, or smaller companies with standard software needs or a need for only a single application.

Go-To-Cloud infrastructure

The Cloudsourced.IT service provides a complete ‘go to the cloud’ service.  Based on a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI - also known as “Desktop as a service”) it allows you to put all (or a substantial part) of your IT into the Cloud.  Integration with IT remaining in your premises is possible.

Ideal For: users who are fully committed to the cloud, typically with more than 10 users and often with multiple workplaces.

Elastic Computing Platform
Flexible Computing Environments

The Elastic Computing Platform (ECP) service provides one or more server environments built with your choice of software.  The server environments are for your exclusive use but use some shared infrastructure.  The specifications of the servers can be flexed according to your changing needs.

Ideal For: users with a custom software requirement or more users.  Typically (but not always) customers have mnore than 5 users.